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The first master-planned community in Tulum

An intuitive balance of rich history, stunning ecology, haute couture, and exceptional taste.

Tulum 101 is the first master-planned community in the region. A next-level destination, designed with a new vision of what life should look, be, and feel like. An intuitive balance of rich history, stunning ecology, haute couture, and exceptional taste. 

Disfruta en compañía, comparte una nueva experiencia
This project of real estate in Tulum is characterized by being the first luxury planned community with hotel services, stores, single and multi-familiar residencies, offices and both medical and gastronomic services. 
Focus, be aware, and connect with yourself and the nature around you in Tulum 101
Naturaleza privilegiada en Tulum 101
Ubicación privilegiada natural en Tulum 101
Be connected with your mind and body swimming in the semi-olympic pool, taking a hike over the 2 km of track or watching the waves break in the shore from the beach club, while the sunset is reflected in the ocean. 
Una nueva propuesta orgánica y natural en Tulum
Concepto holístico en Tulum 101
Integrating the architecture and the landscape, the project will have a “Dark Sky” illumination, in order to harmonize the night environment, being able to appreciate the brightness of starry nights.
Estilo de vida moderno en Tulum 101
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Planned Community

Tulum 101, a new paradigm for the real estate in Tulum

Inspired by the past yet modeled in the now, to create the framework for a contemporary, connected experience shared by both individuals and brands. All while surrounded by a pristine nature preserving the inherent soulful spirit of Tulum. 

A refined lifestyle, connected to the world, nature, and each other
Our facilities will integrate to a natural surrounding of 30 hectares of jungle and will include a semi-olympic pool, access to a cenote, a gym with training plans specialized for triathletes, a 2 km track, bikeways and a beach club with a variety of services.
Mapa amenidades Tulum 101
01 The Plaza
Access & Control
02 Spa
03 Yoga
04 Zen & Meditation
05 Wellness Bar
06 Earth
07 Gym
08 Indoor Gym
09 Playground
10 Free Pit
11 Arts & Crafts Workshops
12 Art Gallery
13 Observatory
14 Library
15 Music lounge
Gastronomic Node
16 Market
17 Orchard
18 Open Kitchen
19 Cafe Grab & Go
20 Restaurant
21 Bar
22 Cenote
23 Plunge Pools
24 Fit Pool
25 Sundeck
26 Hamaquero
26 Co-work
27 Solum
Community Center
28 Amphitheater
29 Adventure Station
30 Bike Stations

A refined lifestyle

This project of real estate in Tulum unravels under the concept of being car-less or electric cars community, since it’s based on a “Low-Carbon Footprint'' urban mobility planification, promoting and facilitating the use of electric cars, bikes and scooters.

Una nueva propuesta orgánica y natural en Tulum
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We create an exceptional lifestyle in one of the most privileged locations in Mexico, both for its surplus and for its mystical history. 
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