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Where limits vanish, collaborations thrive



Tulum 101 by Inmobilia is continuously looking to push the limits and collaborate with some of the best professionals in their respective fields.
At Tulum 101, explore a universe of visionary collaborations that redefine the boundaries of art and excellence.
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Michelle Oka Doner

Multidisciplinary artist Michele Oka Doner was responsible for the creation of the handwritten Tulum 101 logo. In her practice, she finds that the roots of language stem from the natural world, translating its lines and forms into art.

Collaboration is the essence of everything that we do at Tulum 101. We are continuously learning about new ways to create and resonate our ethos.

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chino moro tulum 101 - 1
Chino Moro

Chino Moro is an international fashion reporter, having been featured in Vogue, Elle, Marie-Claire and other magazines. While he loves the world of fashion, it is deep within the Mayan jungle with his wife and son that he finds the greatest comfort, cocooned in nature itself. In 2008, Chino Moro established right here in Tulum. His unique vision and eye for detail made it a perfect collaboration of locality meets international talent.

Tulum 101 has chosen to collaborate with Chino Moro in an editorial photoshoot that reminds us of authentic Tulum and connects us all to the reason we are here today. He is, in fact, one of the inspiration behind Inmobilia creating Tulum 101 in the first place.

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mads paige tulum 101 - 1
Mads Paige

Mads Paige is a Tulum darling with a global vision, an activist at heart and diversity at hand. Her work has brought her to face uncertainties and disparity, which she channels in all her communication, music and self of expression. Much of her lyrics refer to her experience and one of healing that she is undergoing within Tulum’s natural sanctuary.

Today, we are creating the future of Tulum at Tulum 101 and building a home meant to last; a new community with a purpose, creating space for individuals like Mads. She represents the Tulum experience throughout, moving here to find change, reconnect with nature and herself, and also find moments of stillness. She reminds us of our own experience looking for a place to call home.
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Tulum 101
Embracing Timeless Living at Tulum 101

Enduring Connections

Tulum 101 emerges as an extraordinary community, a timeless haven designed to endure the test of time. More than just a residential sanctuary, it represents a visionary concept that embraces a master-planned and conscious paradigm of living. Here, individuals find not only a home but also a vibrant community that fosters lasting connections and a harmonious coexistence.

Tulum 101
Tulum 101


An expanse of lush tropical jungle, open space, miles of sheltered coastline, and ocean views. A project that is located in the best area to invest in Tulum, unfolding in a bohemian, relaxed and chic beach city.

Tulum 101
2022-08-15 - Tulum 101 - Photoshoot #4 - With Grain-72 1 Press
Reframing the concept of living and experiencing Tulum

A discreet, unforced elegance that comes to life effortlessly, immerses every sense, and adapts to your natural rhythm. A place to discover, gather, or simply be. 

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