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Smart investments: Real Estate in Merida

Facing a highly volatile scenario, real estate is an attractive option to increase your money safely.

According to Forbes "If you make the right choice (of property) the advantage is to obtain profits of up to 30% in an average period of three years".

In Merida there are several investment options but Via Montejo is the development that marks a before and after in this industry, here you will find all the comforts of a premium lifestyle.

If you are thinking of investing in Merida we are sure this information will be very useful.


What makes Merida one of the safest cities in Mexico?

The city of Merida continues to rank in the top 5 for safety and well-being in top 5 in terms of safety and well-being in Mexico.
Mexico and these have been some of the characteristics that have made it one of the top choices when looking for a new home for when looking for a new home for the family.

Do you know the reasons why the "white city" is considered one of the safest cities in Mexico?
We tell you in detail so you can you can convince yourself to move your family to Yucatan and enjoy all the enjoy all the privileges of living in a peaceful city.


Merida Hot Spots: Stylish spots in Mexico's safest city

Sophisticated and elegant environments that do not neglect comfort, but above all are full of style.

Here you will find:
The best Yucatecan and international gastronomy.
The coffee shops you'll always want to return to.
Art galleries and antique stores.
Exclusive stores and fashion boutiques.
Activities for children.
Cultural events and much more.


The Country Guide and choose your apartment

We know that finding a new home is a difficult task that requires hours of research and evaluation.

Finding the perfect apartment for you can be complicated, that's why in this guide we present everything you should consider before choosing your new home.


The definitive guide to investing in real estate in Merida

The city of Merida has become one of the safest cities for investment and real estate purchases in Mexico and this guide tells you why.

We invite you to download this guide to make a smart investment decision:

Why invest in Merida?
What types of property we recommend to invest in.
How much does a property in Merida cost?
Where to invest in Merida?
What things should you avoid when investing in Merida real estate?